Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oberhausen Miniaturwelt - Ruhrgebiet as a miniature

This exhibition shows off the "Ruhrgebiet" as  a miniature - in old traditional model railway scale. 

Clearly works best if you are either a model railway enthusiast or interested in the "Ruhrgebiet itself". Basically the current exhibition provides you a view on the post 2nd world war "Ruhrgebiet" - as coal mining and iron ore processing ruled the industry in the area. 

Therefore it provides you with a nice time-travel back to the good old times which have coined the "Ruhrgebiet" - this provided you with a good foundation to understand where the Ruhrgebiet comes from, what are the actual difficulties it is facing to process the structural changes which is required due to the death of coal mining in this area and finally to value the achievements which have been made on this long way already.

As you can see the exhibition really focus on details and it is good fun to try to spot all the details which are present - including the night / day changes.

Future extension will include of up-to-date model of some parts of the exhibition. This will really show the structure change. Check it out - it is great fun. Perfect for a rainy day. It's located in the Centro area - so you can combining it with some shopping, cinema or pub visits if you like. More information is available on their website.