Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vacation in Erzgebirge - Tellerhäuser/Oberwiesenthal

Over the turn of the year, we spent lovely days in the Erzgebirge area. We lived in a tiny village called Tellerhäuser which is close to Oberwiesenthal. Though we did not had much snow, we spent some high quality days, including our first experiences with cross country skiing
Coming from downhill skiing and snowboarding, the expectation was that this should be rather easy and boring. It isn't. First of all it is technically difficult and you need a lot of energy to keep it going. Nice alternative training. 
Due to the fact we only had a quite limited amount of snow, we couldn't really experience the touring aspect of it, where you spent the whole day exploring the nature, I can really imagine that this is good fun. I explored some of the trails during my running exercises and the area has clearly great potential. 
As a picture says more than thousand words, I add some impressions from those days:
beautiful, isn't it?

Our home for the days

Our daughter being pulled by a dear friend

Early sundowner

Typical Erzgebirge creation

Artificial Snow blown to the trees during night
As you can see: While we don't had to much snow, we had quite some nice sun shine :)