Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bloody Nipples - Autsch

Browsing through the Internet and listen to experiences of fellow runners the fissure of a nipple / jogging nipple - or to bring it to the point a bloody nipple - is a common thing which happens to quite a lot of runners. Never happened to me until today and I must confess this really sucks.

I still remember that I was reviewing pictures from the Bottroper Herbstlauf and saw a runner with a bloody shirt. I smiled in relief though I had no idea about the real extend. My pictures from today:

I usually keep an eye on using compression shirts for my longer runs. While those look kind of funny – given that my body has never experienced the torture of a gym – and come with a price tag (skins stuff), I never ever had any issue with those. I tend to use events/finisher shirts only for shorter runs. This is the rule. There are always exceptions to rules: Today I wore the Tetraeder Treppenlauf Finisher Shirt (fantastic event which is on my list for 2015 again and the T-shirt is fine – no complain here). There should be no more exceptions – ever ;)!

Beside this I had a fantastic run today, which brought me back to the start location of the Bottroper Herbstlauf and on the top of Halde Haniel

Perfect start in the day, which brought some money in for die Arche e.V via runvember and brought me close to finish the "Bring back the Boom" Strava challenge. 

Sore but happy J!