Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dortmund Zoo

That was a lovely day in the Zoo of Dortmund. Not that brand new like the one in Gelsenkirchen and also not equipped with an outstanding attraction like the dolphins in Duisburg, it is still a beautiful zoo. Fantastic view on the giraffes. They gave their audience from the outdoor enclosure before they went to the rather new indoor part.

It looks like a reasonable amount of enclosures hat been renovated lately - not all of it has been finished. Looks somehow like a software project - more than 6 month late and still not finished...

All together a great day. The picture impressions are containing more fences and tiles than the ones from more modern zoos but we also got more eye-contact with the animals. 

So everything has pros and cons. Looking forward to visit Burgers Zoo again ...
BTW - don't go for Glühwein or wafers from the cabin shop at the entrance - poor quality. For the one's with kids: They do have a limited number of pull carts available. Free of charge - coins available at the entrance.