Sunday, November 14, 2010


Seems to be a typical German dish, but beware it is a quite local one - I didn't know about it the other day. Picking up a random German person in NRW to talk about is, will definitely lead to confusion. In my ears it sounds like somebody who is asking the way to somewhere.

In fact it is hessian dialect and it is one of the German Lego words. The first part "Woi" translates to "Wein" (wine) while the second one "Hinkelche" means "Hänchen" (henchmen).
We have been inspired by a recipe from "Culinaria - Deutsche Spezialitäten"- like always we didn't managed   - actually didn't want to -  follow the recipe one by one. The main ingredients are:
You can find many recites in the internet - e.g. this one. Especially the flambé part makes fun and gives the special taste. Awesome !